If you often have a hard time putting outfits together, one of the reasons may be because you are lacking in basics. Here are the 10 timeless pieces you need in your closet to always have something to wear.

1. Plain black & white tees that you can pair up with everything.

2. Jeans that flatter your body

They can be skinny, mom, boyfriends, flared, etc - they cut is not the same for everybody.

3. Evening dress Choose a black one in a classic cut that will last you for seasons.

4. White shirt You can dress it up with tailored pants or dress it down with a pair of jeans.

5. A blazer It can help you elevate any outfit. Pick a basic one that it won't get out of style.

6. The trench Camel and khaki are the best options since they go with almost everything.

7. Versatile coat Choose neutral colours such as black, camel or even dark blue so you can wear it with everything!

8. Tailored pants They are not only for the office! You can also pair them with sneakers and a hoodie to achieve a more casual style.

9. Sneakers - not sporty or chunky ones - try a classic model that you can wear both with jeans and dresses.

10. Classic black heels It doesn't matter the height as long as you have a pair. And, if you want to look taller or powerful, then a pointy toe is what I recommend.

(Images via Pinterest)

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