Holidays are around the corner and one of my favourite things to do is to get cosy, make some popcorn and watch Christmas movies the whole month of December. Yes, I'm a Christmas fan! I love the vibes, the food, the presents, all the decorations and, of course, the outfits - which is something I always pay attention to.

So, here are my top 4 festive films where the costumes are the real stars for you to take some inspiration from or, just enjoy!

White Christmas

Whenever I see Edith Head as the costume designer I know my eyes will be delighted and, if you add a little of music then for me it's a must-see (no wonder why it's my favourite from the list). In this musical, two ex-soldiers and two sisters from the world of entertainment devise a plan to help a former general. In the middle, there's a series of misunderstandings, love, music and some of the most exquisite outfits.

Holiday Inn

An inn that is only open during the holiday season is the perfect place for music, love, fashionable gowns and lots of glitter.

The Bishop's Wife

An angel in human form helps a bishop with building a cathedral and solving his problems with his wife, who happens to have a wonderful collection of hats.

PS: The angel is Cary Grant. Do I need to say more?

Bell, Book and Candle

It starts in Christmas Holidays when a witch called Gillian portrayed by Kim Novak falls in love with her neighbour and decides to put a spell on him. But beware because she may bewitch you too with her looks... I, personally, fell for this beautiful backless dress.

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