Having a style that represents you and your goals can be beneficial in lots of ways; It will increase your self-esteem, help you reach your objectives and make getting dressed an easier task. Here are 5 steps to follow and what you have to consider to develop a style that suits you and your lifestyle.

1- Know yourself

Think about your life goals, your lifestyle, what you like, what you don't and your body - which parts you want to highlight and which are the ones you prefer to direct the attention away from.

Write everything down.

2- Find inspiration

This is the fun part! Having in mind your goals and lifestyle, look for styles, outfits and pieces of clothes that you like. Then save them on your computer or phone.

You can use Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, Social Media, magazines, TV series or films and even online stores.

3- What you gravitate towards.

You will notice that some colours, textiles, styles and garments repeat themselves. Those will be the key pieces of your style.

For example, let's suppose you found out you love the blazer + jeans combination or that you have a thing for leather jackets- think about when and how you could wear them and make them part of your style!

4- Create a mood board with some of your images and possible looks, then save it on your phone so you can look at it whenever you are shopping or getting dressed.

5- Now that you know what you like and what to look for, it's time to organize your wardrobe and get rid of everything that doesn't go with your style or goals.

(Images via Pinterest)

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