Whether you need to renew your wardrobe, find an outfit for a special occasion or want to go on a shopping-spree, Constance will help you out with an expert-eye. She will take you on a shopping trip with the stores that best fit your needs, taste and budget where you will find all the appropriate garments and products.


In this innovative and practical experience, Constance will buy some items specially chosen for you that she will then ship to the address of your preference. If in any case, you were unsatisfied with an item she would organize a return or exchange it on your behalf. 

As an alternative,  Constance could send you an online catalogue with garments and accessories specifically selected for you that you can buy whenever you want (all of them with a link to a store). 



You could have a style consultation either online or in person, where Constance will give you advice, tips, a list of must-have items, shops, trends and everything you need based on your lifestyle.

She will share her experience and knowledge so you can develop your style, know how to dress for your body type, discover where to shop and boost your confidence.



An organized wardrobe is the first step to master the art of dressing well. Constance will help you unclutter your closet by getting rid of the pieces that don’t suit you and storing the ones that do in a way that will save you time and space.

In addition, she will give you a list of all the basic pieces you must-have and where to find them.

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