Changing or finding your style is much deeper than getting a new hair cut (and we all know what that represents for a woman), it means wanting to improve yourself and to be ready to upgrade your life. It’s a decision that includes not only an outside change but an inside change too.

In this empowering and stylish journey, we are going to find and develop a style that matches your goals, career, personality, lifestyle, age, body and budget. Also, we are going to have a real talk about your objectives and the things you can do to reach them followed by some beauty tips and a closet detox.

At the end you will increase your confidence, know how to dress for your body, how to put outfits together, what to wear on different occasions and you will feel like the best version of yourself ready to take on the world!

(This could be in-person or online).



In this online experience, we are going to find and develop a style that will suit your goals, lifestyle, career, age, body, personality, likes and budget. You will learn how to dress for your figure, where to shop and which basics you need to have in your closet. Plus, in the end, I will put together some looks that you could buy whenever you want (with links to every piece).


This package includes a style consulting and empowerment session followed by a personal shopping trip where I am going to take you to the right stores and, together we will buy some outfits that are going to suit the new and improved version of yourself (only in Madrid and Milan).
If you don't live either in Madrid or Milan, don’t worry! There’s an online version too where I will put some outfits together that you could buy whenever you want (with links to every piece, of course).



You can have a closet detox in-person or online, where I am going to help you organize it and get rid of everything that doesn’t suit you, your lifestyle or your goals. Moreover, you are going to learn how to put outfits together with what you already have, dress for your body type and I’ll tell you which are the pieces you need to have a complete wardrobe. 

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